Allergic Living!

Did you know that Spring 2011 marked the launch issue of Why Bother To Go On Living magazine? (I did. Because I had to spend time in my mother’s doctor’s waiting room & it was either this or Boy’s Life magazine.) Finally, an information source for people who suffer from Allergies, Asthma, and Gluten Intolerance! (What did they do before this? Probably just exploded around trees and in restaurants, I guess. Probably just tortured everyone around them with their sneezing and gastrointestinal distress and anaphylaxis and stuff.)

This is a picture of their average reader! Sexi!

But thanks to Allergic Living all the bubble-dwellers of America now know that  Yes! You Can Dine Out! And they will tell you which trees you are allergic to, where they are located, and which ones  are the Bad Boys of Spring! Aaaaand there’s news on Peanut Allergies! And a new scary Gluten Disease! And allergy-free wine! (Seriously? People are allergic to wine? This is a real thing that is happening now?) All this AND a recipe for gluten-free carrot cake! Oh Boy Oh Boy!

I'll bet he did, and the main ingredient will be spit!

I’m a little concerned, however, that they’ve already blown their wad, so to speak.

I mean, there you go: the Top Eight Triggers for people suffering from severe food allergies. Thanks. Now what? The launch issue covers how to dine out if you have food allergies, how to cope with seasonal allergies, how to cook without gluten, and what might happen to you if you come into contact with things you are allergic to. Sooooo……what goes in Issue #2?

[[crickets]] [[crickets]]

Hm, yeah, I thought so. Oh dear, yet another instance in which we should just stop trying to do things and make things and let the Internets take over. Truth.

13 responses to “Allergic Living!

  1. Meghan, so glad you took the time to look inside the pages of our magazine! You quite cleverly show how much education is needed as the general public truly has no idea how widespread allergy issues can be,
    Yes, wine can be a mine field if you happen to have severe allergies to shellfish (isinglass), sulfites or egg (seriously! some wimes are clarified using eggshells). I don’t mean allergies where you get a runny nose or a headache. I mean anaphylaxis a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death.

    At Allergic Living magazine, “We write for people living with food allergies, asthma, and gluten intolerance,” says Editor Gwen Smith. “They face incredibly challenging diet or environment restrictions. These are readers who need us.” Allergic Living, she notes, gives its audience articles they won’t find in other media, and literally makes a difference in their lives.

    Allergic Living also plays an unusual media role: one of advocacy. The website has hosted letter-writing campaigns for better food labeling and airline accommodations. Lobby groups have formed on its Forum. When allergy backlash rears its head, Smith is often a spokesperson.

    “What’s so different is that our relationship is not simply one of magazine serving reader,” says Smith, “it is one of community.” Smith and many of her writers live what their readers live: most of them have allergies, food intolerance or asthma. “We really do relate to the reader.”

  2. I would love for you to avoid the top 8 allergens for 1 week…really avoid like your life depends on it and then maybe you’ll rethink your position on food allergies. For your information the top 8 include, PEANUT, TREENUTS, EGG, MILK, SOY, SHELLFISH, WHEAT AND FISH. Of which my 4 year old is allergic to 7 of 8. Try explaining no cupcakes to your toddler…not an easy task. Try keeping her safe in public places, friends homes, schools….etc and you can see how the allergy community can benefit from a magazine like Allergic Living.
    So please avoid these foods, even trace amounts for a week. Eat one and stab yourself in the thigh with a needle (mock epi-pen) then drag yourself to the ER where you can stay for monitoring for several hours and quite possibly more stabs. Then and only then will you have even the slightest clue what we go through.
    Also, for a writer who is a “daughter, sister, aunt, etc” you may want to consider the fact that food allergies are on the rise and 1 in 12 kids suffer from food allergies…until you add mother to that list and see that your kids aren’t the 1 in 12 you may want to not tempt fate.

  3. This is a fairly NEW disability and is on the rise. AS a child with wicked allergies and asthma I can tell you things have changed!!!!! Read something in the American Pediatric Association Journals or NIH! where we may have had only a few thousand anaphylactic allergies in the 60’s it has been on the rise for decades. In 1999 we started rapidly seeing more and in 2011 there are 15 Million American’s with deadly DEADLY allergies. So before you condemn us that have watched our children almost die, had to save their life with an epipen and more meds, have seen them hooked up to IV’s and meds and have heard the words “Mommy am I gonna die?” you have no right to write such a clueless article. Would you be so judgemental to a child fighting cancer, AIDS, or living with diabetes? The last time my child had an anaphylactic reaction she was in 4 hospitals in 3 days from one bite at a restaurant that lied to us and said our food was peanut free. We had $20,000 of medical bills and a lawsuit not to mention the trauma my 7 year old daughter experienced for 2 months in and out of UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital. I am allergic to chocolate but it won’t kill me. Look up ANAPHYLAXIS and check your stats. 15 million americans can die-suffoctate and yes maybe even explode.

  4. Meghan, thank you for this post. I’m going to go subscribe to this magazine!

  5. Clearly you are a fucking moron that has lived a fairly blessed life and not had to deal with this very real and quickly growing issue. Did you bother to do ANY research before you wrote this self absorbed, uneducated post? Or did you just go on your feelings? Alex I will take the latter for a million bucks.
    The above comments tried to “educate” you but I HIGHLY doubt that is possible, so I would rather point out what a fool you are in a very disrespectful manner. The same manner you wrote your post?
    Here’s a site from Johns Hopkins (a very prestigious medical facility):
    and oh….look a simple search for alcohol allergy led me to this:
    I guess these prestigious higher learning institution let the interwebz take over it’s better judgement. I heard that happened over at Notre Dame.
    After reading several of your posts I am sure you will miss the point entirely as it seems you are very in love with your wisdom, wit and mediocre at best writing ability. So much so you can’t see past yourself.

  6. Meghan if you really think this is funny you need a new moral compass. Claiming it is a joke is no excuse for being an asshole. Your shallow and superficial perspective on life makes me sorry for you. May you not learn the hard way that that you reap what you sow.

  7. I really don’t understand how you could joke about food allergies. I currently have eleven anaphylactic food allergies and they are no laughing matter.

    I’ve had to educate food allergies and try to find sources of ingredients. It infuriates me that you are joking about something like this. Would you joke about cancer or anaphylactic shock?

  8. First off…this was a joke, so perhaps lighten the f up. Meg is one of you all. She has to avoid peanuts on a daily basis and her life does depend on it, Jamie.
    And my best friend has cancer and we joke about it because it helps us get through it. Maybe you all should try that. Humor goes a long way.
    So perhaps you should get down off your high horses and lighten up. It must be exhausting to take yourselves so seriously.
    And Amy, you’re a douche.

    • KC, you’re hilarious. It’s mind boggling how ignorant some of these people are. You should check out their chat about me on the magazine forum, though, it’s pretty funny: (I’m not sure that they realize how much statistical data I’m able to capture on every person that visits/comments on my site. Hmm.. Freaking Out On The Internet, Step One: Learn how the internet works.)

      I don’t really give a crap when people disagree with me, or even that their ridiculous outrage is totally out of proportion to the form & content of the post. What I do find irritating, however, is when people suffer from an absolute lack of basic reading comprehension and start jumping up and down and screaming about shit they’re not even understanding properly! Like:

      -The post makes fun of the existence and style of the magazine, the message its sending, that it’s a $$ making mechanism capitalizing on people’s fears, that it encourages self-righteous dickitude from people who were probably already dicks to begin with, that a reasonable person with a severe allergy doesn’t need to read about this shit in a magazine what with there being doctors for that sort of thing & whatnot… In no way does it make fun of people with allergies. (Fuck, I’M people with allergies!)
      -I allow their stupid comments to be posted because I think they’re funny.
      -I only responded with “cutesy” replies to the people who were being inappropriate.
      -“dweebs, geeks, motorheads, sportos” etc. is a quote from Ferris Buller that refers, in this context, to dumb shit I find on the internet and/or in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, not a libelous comment on people with allergies.
      -I’m not the NY Times; the purpose of the blog is solely to amuse my family & friends
      -A stupid joke-blog that is primarily concerned with blabbing funny haha’s about The Real Housewives is proooobbbbbably not taking itself too seriously.

      Whatevs. As Cory said last night, these self-righteous nuts who call me an asshole all because of a basic lack of reading comprehension or any semblance of a sense of humor are practically writing my jokes for me every time they post some dumb/vicious comment. Hooray! Free labor!


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